Nursing and midwifery education

By working with our partners, we help ensure that today’s and tomorrow’s nurses and midwives are fit to practise.

The NMC sets standards, guidance and requirements for nursing and midwifery programmes of education across the UK.

As part of our current focus on our core regulatory functions, we have reviewed our role in providing advice to nurses and midwives given that this can lead to confusion about our role and purpose as a regulator. As a result, we have withdrawn our individual telephone and email advisory service. Other mechanisms and organisations exist which are better placed to undertake this role and through which those involved in practice can obtain advice and support in relation to professional and clinical issues.  
It is not the role of the NMC to advise nurse or midwife educators on how the standards and guidance should be applied in specific situations. Approved education institutions and practice placement learning providers must make these decisions in the context of local circumstances and priorities.

We have produced a leaflet [PDF] to explain our role in setting standards, guidance and requirements for nursing and midwifery education across the UK.