Quality assurance framework

The quality assurance (QA) framework is now in its second year.

We will continue to build on the first year’s achievements and focus on further improving the framework. We will continue to:

• provide a proportionate, risk-based approach to QA

• demonstrate our strategic responsibility to the operational delivery of the QA contractor

• use lay reviewers in both QA of education and supervision of midwives review visits

• emphasise our requirements for practice learning and educational audit

  • enhance opportunities for targeting education and local supervising authority QA
  • be transparent in reporting outcomes from QA activity
  • provide evidence-informed analysis and reporting of intelligence that informs and supports cross-regulatory working
  • improve ‘responding to concerns’ policy and process for approved education institutions and local supervising authorities, and
  • share QA intelligence with other regulators.

Read the QA framework [PDF]

We have produced a page for the public and patients explaining how quality assurance works.

Our role

We commission the overall processes, develop the intelligence gathered to help protect the public, share intelligence with other organisations and use the evidence from quality assurance to influence the wider strategy regarding education.

We contract the operational delivery of quality assurance of education and supervision of midwives to Mott MacDonald. They:

  • recruit, train and manage the performance of our reviewers
  • schedule and organise quality assurance events, and
  • issue and update documentation.

Mott MacDonald report to us and we retain control of the process. Information gathered will be published in regular quality assurance activities reports.


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