Quality assurance framework

From September 2013, our quality assurance activities will be carried out within a new framework

This is an introduction to the new quality assurance framework, launched on 17 June 2013. The framework aims to:

• Increase lay involvement through the increased use of reviewers who are neither nurses nor midwives.

• Increase the proactive management of emerging risk by ensuring that education institutions and local supervising authorities (LSAs) have appropriate safeguards in place.

• Over the three year cycle, reduce the burden of regulation on well performing education institutions and LSAs.

• Ensure that quality assurance focuses on outcomes of education and midwifery supervision as opposed to dictating how standards should be met.

Download the framework:

QA framework [PDF]

We have produced a page for the public and patients explaining how quality assurance works.

We contract the operational delivery of quality assurance of education and supervision of midwives to Mott MacDonald, who:

• Recruit, train and manage the performance of NMC reviewers.
• Schedule and organise quality assurance events.
• Issue and update documentation.

The NMC commissions the overall processes, develops the intelligence gathered to help protect the public, shares the intelligence with other organisation and uses the evidence from quality assurance to influence the wider strategy regarding education.

Mott MacDonald will report to the NMC, which retains control of the process. Information gathered will be published in regular quality assurance activities reports.


The above document contains the full version of the QA framework. Below you can download the sections separately:

Annexe one: Requirements of approved education institutions (AEIs) [PDF]

Annexe two: Assuring the safety and effectiveness of practice learning [PDF]

Annexe three: Responding to concerns within nursing and midwifery education and supervision of midwives [PDF] 

Update: exemplar education audit template

In the new QA framework on page 32, under the sub-heading of Expectation of Educational Audits it states: "NB: The NMC has not introduced a UK template for educational audit. However, an exemplar education audit template is available for helpful consideration."
Please note that this template is not yet available but will be ready for publication at the end of December 2013. Please check the website for further updates.


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