Checking our register

The NMC register is a key tool in protecting the public

As an employer, many of the services which you provide to the people in your care are dependent for their delivery upon registered nurses and midwives.

The Register and the law

Nurses and midwives cannot legally practise in the UK unless they are registered with the NMC.

Your responsiblities

You must ensure that the nurses and midwives you employ are registered before they begin work for you, and you must regularly check their registration status throughout the time that you employ them.

In addition, nurses and midwives may hold recordable qualifications, for example, allowing them to prescribe, and you should also check these on our register.

About the Pin

We currently issue nurses and midwives with a unique identifying number called their Pin. You should not rely on a nurse or midwife providing a Pin, or any NMC paperwork bearing a Pin, as proof of registration, as it is only valid on the day it is issued. You should always check the registration status of nurses and midwives directly with us.

Employers confirmation service

We offer a free registration confirmation service that allows employers to check a nurse or midwife’s qualifications and registration status. You can also request confirmations from us by email.

The employers confirmation service holds more information than the public register, including a full registration history. To find out more about this service or to register as an employer, visit the employers confirmation service section or call 020 7333 9333.

It is vital that you use the employers confirmation service to check the register before you employ a nurse or midwife, and that you continually check the status of their registration throughout their employment with you. You should report any discrepancies or fraudulent activity to us immediately.

About the register

The NMC register is a public record of all nurses and midwives who have fulfilled our registration requirements and who are therefore entitled to practise. In 2010-2011 there were 667,072 nurses and midwives on the NMC register.

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