Consultation on revalidation and the revised Code

Part one of the consultation has now closed.

This is part one of a two part, six month public consultation, which will run from January until July 2014. The consultation as a whole will address revising the Code (the standards of good nursing and midwifery practice) and implementing revalidation.

In part one, which ran from 6 January until 31 March, we focused our consultation on how the proposed model of revalidation can be implemented in a variety of employment settings and scopes of practice. This will help ensure the model we launch in December 2015 is flexible and fit for purpose. We also used this part of the consultation to gather information to draft a revised Code and develop guidance for revalidation.

We were looking to hear from the following individuals and organisations across the four countries of the UK:

  • Nurses and midwives operating at any level, scope of practice and work setting
  • The general public and users of nursing and midwifery services including patients
  • Professional bodies and trade unions representing nurses, midwives and other healthcare staff
  • Student nurses and midwives
  • Employers and employer groups
  • Other healthcare regulators
  • Education institutions and providers
  • Charities and patient groups 
  • Government and policy makers

Information to read

Revalidation resources

The Code

Revalidation glossary

Part one of the consultation is now closed

The deadline for submitting a response was 17:00 on 31 March 2014. 

You can view the consultation information and questions [PDF] for reference purposes only.

Further information

Background to revalidation

Main page on revalidation

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