Consultation on a draft revised Code and our proposed approach to revalidation

This consultation is now closed

The second part of our revalidation and Code consultation addressed revising the Code (the standards of good nursing and midwifery practice) and implementing revalidation.

In part one, which ran January–March, we focused on how the proposed model of revalidation can be implemented in a variety of employment settings and scopes of practice. This will help ensure the model we launch in December 2015 is flexible and fit for purpose. We also gathered information to draft a revised Code and develop guidance for revalidation.

Part two of the consultation concentrated more on the draft Code and focused engagement. The Code is central to nursing and midwifery practice and will therefore be a key part of revalidation. We also consulted on key themes in the revalidation guidance. This stage of the consultation involved focus groups run by Ipsos MORI and an online survey.

We have published an evidence review [PDF] based on the revalidation consultation findings.

We have also published a report [PDF] to provide a narrative for how evidence has informed the drafting of the new Code.

Part two ran for 12 weeks and closed on 11 August 2014.

We have view the draft revised Code [PDF] and the consultation reference information [PDF].

We are committed to developing and implementing an effective system of revalidation in which nurses and midwives declare they remain fit to practise. We want to ensure that the revalidation model we launch in December 2015 is flexible and fit for purpose.

If you are interested in the first stage of the consultation, which ran from January to March 2014, you can view the consultation information [PDF] and questions. This document is for reference purposes only.

Welsh versions of consultation documents

Cod Drafft diwygiedig [PDF]

Datblygiad proffesiynol parhaus [PDF]

Adborth [PDF]

Cadarnhad [PDF]

Y model ailddilysu arfaethedig [PDF]

Ffurflen Ymateb i Ymgynghoriad NMC - Fersiwn bapur Ar gyfer ymatebion unigol: Aelodau'r cyhoedd [PDF]

Ffurflen Ymateb i Ymgynghoriad Ailddilysu NMC: Ar gyfer nyrsys a bydwragedd [PDF]

Ffurflen Ymateb i Ymgynghoriad NMC - Ar gyfer ymatebion gan grwpiau neu sefydliadau [PDF]

Further information

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