Consultation on proposed fee increase

The consultation has now closed


Following an agreement by Council in March, we consulted on an increase of our registration fee to £120. The consultation was live from 8 May 2014 until noon on 31 July 2014.

The responses will now be collated and analysed by independent research company, Alpha Research.

The report on the consultation responses will be considered by our Council to inform their decision on the annual registration fee.

Council will make their final decision on the fee level at their meeting on 1 October 2014

Our statement on the launch of the fees consultation

Our statement on the fees e-petition

Claiming tax relief on your registration fee

Information about the proposed fee rise

Consultation on registration fees [PDF]

This document is also available in Welsh. Ymgynghoriad ar ffioedd cofrestru [PDF]

This document details:

  • Our financial position and our funding gap
  • The challenges we face
  • Our major commitments and workstreams
  • Analysis of possible fee levels

NMC Facts [PDF]

We have also produced a document providing information for nurses and midwives on how, why and where we spend their registration fee.


Why is the NMC discussing increasing its fee again when it only changed them last year?

The discussion around fees at our January meeting is part of a wider discussion regarding finance.

In line with the NMC’s commitment to review fees annually the NMC Council will be discussing the current fee arrangements in detail at their March 2014 meeting.

Why did the NMC base its financial assumptions on a fee of £120?

An annual fee of £120 would provide the NMC with sufficient funds to ensure the protection of the public and to perform its regulatory functions.

The grant given to the NMC by the government in 2013 allowed the NMC to make a smaller fee increase to £100. However, as the grant comes to an end the NMC needs to ensure that is it has sufficient funds to perform its regulatory functions and protect the public.

Based on our assumptions, only a fee of £120 would enable us to continue with our current rate of activity and ensure the protection of the public.

Would the NMC accept another government grant if it was offered?

If the government offered the NMC an additional grant it would be a decision for the Council to decide whether or not to accept the grant.

Does the NMC have to consult on any future fee increases?

Yes. The NMC has to consult on all future fee increases.

What do I get for my fee?

The NMC provides you with a licence to practise. This gives you the ability to work as a nurse or midwife in the UK because your registration has been approved by the NMC.

Have fitness to practise referrals increased since 2012?

Yes, we are currently looking at a 14% increase during 2012/13. The most likely reason in the rise in referrals is a raised public profile and awareness after the Francis report.

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