The NMC is committed to developing and implementing an effective system of revalidation for nurses and midwives

Revalidation will require every nurse and midwife to confirm that they:

The system of revalidation that we adopt must contribute to our core regulatory purpose which is public protection. We aim to deliver a proportionate, risk-based and affordable system that will provide greater public confidence in the professionals regulated by the NMC. It is also important that revalidation raises standards of care and promotes a culture of continuous improvement amongst nurses and midwives.

We are publishing regular updates on the different stages and progress we are making in implementing revalidation.

Public consultation

To build on our previous extensive engagement with stakeholders, we ran a public consultation on how revalidation can be applied in practice to ensure that it will work for all the people on the register.

This was a two-stage, six-month public consultation, which ran from January until August 2014. The consultation as a whole addressed revising the Code (the standards of good nursing and midwifery practice) and implementing revalidation.

In part one, which ran January–March, we focused on how the proposed model of revalidation can be implemented in a variety of employment settings and scopes of practice. This will help ensure the model we launch in December 2015 is flexible and fit for purpose. We also gathered information to draft a revised Code and develop guidance for revalidation.

Part two of the consultation concentrated more on the draft Code and focused engagement. The Code is central to nursing practice and will therefore be a key part of revalidation. We also consulted on key themes in the revalidation guidance. This stage of the consultation involved focus groups run by Ipsos MORI and an online survey for everyone. 

The second part of the consultation ran for 12 weeks and closed on 11 August 2014.

For any further information about revalidation, please email

Engagement events

We have held events with stakeholders to help us shape a revised Code and guidance for revalidation.

Our first summit took place in London on 20 March 2014. You can see a summary of the tweets sent during the summit on Storify.

Our second summit was in Belfast on 29 May 2014. See the tweets on Storify. Our third summit was in Cardiff on 26 June 2014 and the final summit was in Glasgow on 11 July 2014. See the tweets from Glasgow on Storify.

You can also see a presentation from the London summit by Jackie Smith, our Chief Executive and Registrar.

Twitter chats

We have held a number of Twitter chats for different audiences during the the consultation. You can view a summary of them below.

Check this page and our Twitter feed for news of upcoming chats.

Storify for the Twitter chat for nurses and midwives about revalidation,  held on 22 January 2014.

Storify for the Twitter chat we held with Healthwatch on 27 January 2014 about revalidation and public protection.

Storify for the Twitter chat for employers of nurses and midwive on 12 March 2014, about the revalidation consultation.

Storify for Twitter chat on the draft new Code, held on 23 June 2014.

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