The NMC is committed to developing and implementing an effective system of revalidation for nurses and midwives

What is revalidation?

We are proposing new requirements that nurses and midwives must meet when they renew their registration every three years.

Revalidation will replace the post-registration education and practice (Prep) standards from 31 December 2015. Revalidation aims to improve upon the Prep system by setting new requirements for nurses and midwives.

Under revalidation, nurses and midwives will be required to declare they have:

  • met the requirements for practice hours and continuing professional development (CPD) 
  • reflected on their practice based on the requirements of the Code, using feedback from service users, patients, relatives, colleagues and others, and
  • received confirmation from a third party that their declaration is reliable in accordance with our revised Code.

Unless selected for audit, a nurse or midwife will not need to submit to us their revalidation evidence which they have collected since their last renewal.

The proposed revalidation model has been developed in line with our current legislative framework and will also replace the existing three-year renewal cycle and the notification of practice form.

Who does revalidation apply to?

All nurses and midwives will need to comply, so nursing and midwifery students who qualify after December 2015 will need to understand the new requirements. Nurses and midwives who do not comply will no longer be registered.

When will revalidation start?

All nurses and midwives renewing their registration on or after 31 December 2015 will have to comply with the new system.

How is revalidation being developed?

We completed a six-month public consultation in August. The consultation involved two online surveys on revalidation and a draft revised Code, as well as workshops and focus groups. Both parts of the consultation were run by independent companies.

Running alongside the consultation, we held five stakeholder summits and other engagement activities with nurses, midwives, employers, leaders, educators and representatives.

We will soon analyse the results of the consultation to see what stakeholders think about our proposals for revalidation and the look, feel and content of the draft revised Code.

Later in the year we will publish an evidence review based on the consultation findings and in December 2014 our Council will consider a final revalidation model for approval and piloting.

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Revalidation pilots will run in selected settings throughout the UK in early 2015 to ensure that the process is effective and suitable for all nurses and midwives.

On 15 October 2014 we announced the first six sites which will pilot the system of revalidation.

Draft guidance and tools for revalidation will be available for testing in all settings and scopes of practice prior to full implementation from 31 December 2015.

Twitter chats

We held a number of Twitter chats for different audiences during the the consultation. You can view a summary of them below.

Storify for the Twitter chat for nurses and midwives about revalidation,  held on 22 January 2014.

Storify for the Twitter chat we held with Healthwatch on 27 January 2014 about revalidation and public protection.

Storify for the Twitter chat for employers of nurses and midwive on 12 March 2014, about the revalidation consultation.

Storify for Twitter chat on the draft new Code, held on 23 June 2014.


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