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Information for nurses and midwives who trained in an EU or EEA member state, select the country you trained in. This page contains Flash animation, you will need Flash Player or SIlverlight to view the interactive map below. (Push F5 to refresh the page)

Select the country where you trained as a nurse or midwife from the list below to learn more about how to register with the NMC and work in the UK.

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NMC introduces new application fee for EU trained nurses and midwives

If you request an application pack and submit the pack to us, the NMC will charge a £110 evaluation fee.

This fee has been set at £110, and has been calculated to cover the administration costs of the application process. 

Information for nurses and midwives who trained in an EU or EEA member state.

Payment is only required when you have completed the application pack and returned it to the NMC. Information about how to pay is included in the pack.

Assessing your education and training

If your application does not meet the requirements for automatic recognition or acquired rights, The NMC assess your training programme directly against the relevant United Kingdom (UK) educational requirements.

To do this we need a complete transcript of your training, which must show the number of hours of theoretical and clinical study, and number of deliveries if you are a midwife.

If you do not supply this information from your training institution, we cannot assess your qualification and your application may be unsuccessful.

Compensation measures

If you do not meet the requirements for automatic recognition of your qualification, or you have not met the relevant practice requirement for acquired rights provisions, we may require you to undertake a compensation measure before we can register you. This compensation measure may be either a period of adaptation or an aptitude test.

Please note: the University of Northampton (UoN) are running an aptitude test on the following days:

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) - 26 Feb 2015
Short Answer Questions (SAQ) - 5 March 2015

If you wish to enrol please contact UoN to further information.

Applicants who successfully complete the MCQ and SAQ will be invited to sit the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) section of the aptitude test at a later date.

Working in the UK

The NMC is a regulatory authority and we are unable to assist you in seeking employment. Once you have achieved registration with us, you need to be aware the employment climate in the UK can change, and is competitive, with a low level of recruitment in many areas.

If you trained outside of the EEA but you are a national of an EEA member state, you may be eligible to apply through the EU route of registration. However, to do this, you must have been registered and practising in an EEA member state for at least three years and be able to provide appropriate evidence. The rules around this are particularly complex, and you should get in touch with us before you apply to discuss your situation.

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