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This page outlines the possible routes to registration with the NMC if you trained in Norway

Norway. Directorate of Health. Date of accession to the EU: 1 January 1994

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Vitnemål for bestått sykepleierutdanning


Requesting an application pack

The NMC will charge £110 for evaluation of your application pack. This fee has been set at £110, and has been calculated to cover the administration costs of the application process.

Information for nurses and midwives who trained in an EU or EEA member state.

Route to registration under Automatic Recognition for adult nurses only

To be eligible for registration through this route you must hold one of the qualifications listed - see ‘Qualification leading to Automatic Recognition’ in the table above. You must have started this qualification after the date Norway implemented the EU standards for general nurses (1 January 1994).

Route to registration under Acquired Rights for adult nurses only

If your training started before 1 January 1994 and to be eligible for registration through this route, we require a certificate from the competent authority listed above which must confirm you have effectively and lawfully been engaged in nursing practice for at least three consecutive years during the last five years. The certificate must state it was awarded to you in accordance with article 23(1) of Directive 2005/36/EC.

Route to registration under the general system

If you do not meet one of the above routes to registration we can assess your application provided you can supply some further information.

To assess your application under the general system we will require a transcript of your training from your training institution which must show a full record of the entire theory and practice hours completed during your training.

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