Paying your fees

Our payment methods and information on tax relief

The registration fee is £120.

As of 1 March 2015, we no longer accept cash payments for the registration fee at our office.

Direct debit for annual registration fees

The easiest way to pay your annual registration fee is by direct debit.

To set up a direct debit with the NMC please use our online direct debit service.

Currently direct debit payments can only be taken for your annual registration fees, if you are trying to make a payment for another registration fee, please use one of the services listed below.

Online payment 

To pay your registration fee online now, go to our online payments page and follow the prompts. You can pay using Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Visa Electron, and our preferred option is via debit card (instead of credit card) as these incur the lowest processing costs.

Paying your registration fee online is quick and easy, available 24 hours a day, and secure through our own website. It also makes it easier to process your registration, so you will receive your receipt and statement of entry sooner.

You will need to send us any required paperwork separately.

By cheque, or bankers draft

We prefer to receive payment using direct debit, or online using a debit card, as these methods are faster and incur lower processing costs. However you can also pay by cheque or bankers draft using the giro slip from your registration pack. Post it to us using the envelope provided along with your cheque or bankers draft.

You can also take the completed giro slip to your own bank or any HSBC branch and pay by cash, cheque or bankers draft. You will need to send us any required paperwork separately.

Cheques and bankers drafts should be made payable to the NMC, with your NMC Pin or PRN written on the reverse


You can pay all fees, including registration fees, by Visa, MasterCard, Maestro or Visa Electron over the phone, and can set up a direct debit at the same time. Simply call Registration on 020 7333 9333.

For assistance on making payments, call Registration.

Completing forms

However you choose to make your payment, you must complete and return any forms enclosed with your pack, such as your Notification of practice (NoP) form. Without these forms we cannot process your application and your registration may lapse.

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