Renewing your current registration

How to keep your registration up to date

To stay on the register, you must renew your registration every three years. There is also an annual fee that must be paid every year, including at the end of the first and second year of the registration period.

If your registration renewal or annual fee are due, you will receive written notification 45 days in advance of expiry.

Periodic renewal

You will need to declare on your notification of practice (NoP), that you hold or will hold when you begin practising, appropriate cover under an indemnity arrangement. You must be able to provide evidence of this if we request it.  Please declare on the NoP form that you have also met the Prep standards. You can complete your NoP form via NMC Online, or you can complete the NoP form by paper copy and return by post. It can take up to 10 working days for delivery and processing if you choose to send it via postal route.

When you are due for renewal, your registration cannot be updated with your payment alone. You must ensure your NoP form is completed correctly and returned to us for processing prior to your expiry date. If you are sending your NoP form via postal route, please ensure that we receive it 15 days before your expiry date, so to avoid your registration lapsing. We will reject the form if it is not fully completed and send this back to you by post. This will cause a delay in your renewal, and your registration may lapse if you cannot get the completed form back to us in time.  If your registration does lapse, you cannot work as a nurse or midwife until this has been resolved. 

Annual retention

Your registration will be updated for another year once you have paid the annual fee. This can be done via direct debit with us. You will receive a notification letter of when the fee will be collected. 

Once we have collected this, we will automatically update your registration.  If you have an NMC Online account, we will email you of your successful payment and confirm that your registration has been updated.

Confirmation of your registration following renewal or retention

We no longer issue payment receipts on renewal or retention of your registration. However, if you have an active online account, we will email you confirmation once your registration has been updated.

Please note it is your responsibility for ensuring your professional registration is effective. We advise you to check your registration status via your NMC online account or through the public register; this is to ensure that your registration has been successfully updated.

Tax receipt

If you would like to claim tax relief for your renewal or retention payments, you can download or email a receipt of annual payments made within the last six years from your NMC Online account. You must have an NMC Online account to be able to do this.

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