Help with searching the register

How to search our register of nurses and midwives

You can search on any combination of NMC Pin number, first name and last name.

If you are not sure how to spell a person's first name or last name, just type part of the name followed directly by an asterisk(*). For example, typing Jon* in the surname field would find anyone called Jones, Jonson, Jonqvist etc.  

If your search is successful, you will be able to see

  • name
  • expiry date (of registration)
  • part(s) of register
  • recordable qualifications (if any)
  • any cautions on the person's record

If there is more than one person on the register with the same name, you will get a list of nurses and midwives. Click on individual names to access each person's details.


Pin number: A unique number issued to each nurse and midwife when they first join the register.

You can find a full glossary of the terms used to describe the registration status of a nurse or midwife.

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