Applying for entry to the register

Ensuring you're capable of safe and effective practise

The NMC requires assurance that nurses and midwives who enter and stay on its register are capable of safe and effective practice.

All applicants for registration must self-declare their good health and good character to us and have this confirmed by the leader of their programme, or in the case of midwives, the lead midwife for education.

The NMC recognises that while it may be possible for an individual with a health condition or disability to achieve the stated competencies and be fit for practice on completion of their programme, it does not necessarily follow that the individual is employable in all fields or areas of practice.

Nursing and midwifery are self-regulating professions. This means that you take responsibility for your own actions and behaviour and are professionally accountable to us for them. Your self-declaration is a confirmation to us that you:

  • intend to comply with The code: Standards for conduct, performance and ethics for nurses and midwives 
  • have no relevant convictions or cautions or pending charges
  • have not been found guilty of misconduct or lack of fitness to practise by another regulatory body, or the NMC, and are not subject to a judgment by a licensing body elsewhere that would prevent you from practising as a nurse or a midwife
  • are not currently suspended by another regulatory or licensing body, and have good health sufficient to practise safely and effectively.

We also ask for a supporting declaration from someone who knows you well. The person making the supporting declaration must believe that, to the best of their knowledge, you are of sufficient good health and good character to practise safely and effectively without supervision at the point of registration.

If you have just completed a pre-registration programme for nursing or midwifery then this person must be either the nursing programme leader or the lead midwife for education (midwifery programmes).

Where both your self-declaration and the supporting declaration confirm that you are capable of safe and effective practice without supervision then we will process your application, ensuring that the AEI has confirmed your successful completion of the programme and that you have paid the required fee.

When this has been confirmed the Registrar will make a decision to admit you to the relevant part of the register.

If you have not applied to the register within six months of being awarded your qualification

If you have not applied to join the register within six months of the award of your registrable qualification, but make an application within five years of successfully completing a pre-registration programme, you will be required to provide a self-declaration and a supporting declaration.

The supporting declaration must be signed by someone who is already registered in the part or sub-part of the register in which you are applying to be registered. This nurse or midwife must have known you for at least one year, been in contact with you during the preceding six months and be able to attest to the matters set out in the declaration (rule 6(1)(b) 2004/1767).


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