Direct Debits

Thank you for choosing to pay your registration fee by Direct Debit.
Electronic payment options are convenient, safe and secure methods for paying your registration fees. We recommend paying your fees by Direct Debit as your payments will be collected automatically from your bank account saving you time and giving you more control over your finances. This also guarantees you will not miss a payment .
Upon successful completion of the process, you will receive an email confirming a Direct Debit has been set up for you. 
Please note your annual retention fee is required every year as part of your ongoing registration.
Every third year you are required to submit a Notification of Practice form (NOP). An advance notice will be issued to your registered address approximately 45 days prior to your registration expiry date, confirming when a payment will be collected from your account, and if an NOP is required. You must complete your NOP to continue practising as a registered nurse or midwife.
Failure to submit your NOP by the due date may result in your registration lapsing. If this occurs you cannot practise as a nurse or midwife until this has been resolved and if you continue to practise whilst lapsed you will be doing so illegally. This may have serious consequences for your continued registration with the NMC.

Amending collection dates and details
Please note you are not able to amend collection dates or account details for direct debits using the online service, if you wish to make any changes please contact our registration centre on 020 7333 9333.
Using company accounts to pay for direct debit
Registration direct debits can only be set up for bank accounts held by registered nurses and midwives. Company accounts cannot be used to pay registration fees. This is because we only have the ability to send advance notices to a nurse or midwife's registered address and because direct debit rules state that advance notices must be sent to the account holder's address.
Any direct debits found set up by company accounts will be cancelled.
A small number of users have experienced problems when using tablet devices (such as iPads) to set up a direct debit service, with the request timing out at the last stage and not being received. This is a problem we are aware of and are working to fix.

In the meantime we recommend you don't use a tablet device to set up a direct debit service, but use a computer or laptop.

(25 September 2012)

"Currently direct debits are only available for periodic renewals and annual retentions"
If you are having problems when clicking the 'Proceed' button and are using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer version 10, we recommend you switch to another browser. We are aware of this problem and working to fix it.